Friday, November 14, 2014

Member Meeting 11/20:

Date/Time: Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, 11/20 from 2:00p.m – 3:00p.m in Lithicum Hall, room LI 0006. 

Theme: The theme of our member meeting will be depression, stress and anxiety. The discussion will be led by Jonathan Schettino from the Counseling Center, who is the Coordinator of Anxiety and Depression Services. We hope to have interactive and/or discussion component to this meeting, so that we can be more engaged on the topics of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Refreshments: We would like to provide light refreshments for the meeting. If you are interested in supplying refreshments (a case of beverages, a large bag of chips, a tray of cookies, etc.), you will receive an additional membership point!

Member Tee-Shirts:

NAMI on Campus at TU would like to have member tee-shirts. We hope to make the tee-shirts for the beginning of next semester. However, we need YOUR help in designing them. If any of you are savvy with creating designs and logos and would like to submit an idea, please email for general guidelines regarding the tee-shirts.

Open Executive Board Positions 

Fundraising Coordinator: The fundraising coordinator position is still available for graduate students looking to get more involved this academic year! The position's main tasks are planning fundraising programs and overseeing bank account transactions. If you are interested or want more information on the position, please email !

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