Membership Information (Dues and Points)

Membership Points
As a new student group, we are striving for an active and involved member following. In order to accomplish this, we have decided to implement a point system. This means that in order to maintain membership in our group and the national NAMI organization, you must receive 5 points a semester, beginning in Spring of 2014 (points from Fall 2014 will carry over).

Accrual of points:
Point Value
Attendance at a member meeting*
1 point
Attendance at a NAMI local affiliate’s event or meeting
1 point
Attendance at a NAMI on Campus TU event
1 point
Active involvement in any NAMI on Campus TU event (i.e. offering to take on a leadership role, helping to set up/break down an event, volunteering to man an event, etc.)
2 points
Please remember, there is a 5-point/semester minimum requirement to maintain active membership, starting Spring 2014.
*As of October 2013, there are only 3 meetings left.

NAMI at TU will be collected dues twice a year. The dues amount to $10/semester ($20 for the year). This includes membership to the national NAMI organization, as well as NAMI at TU membership.

Dues will be used to:
- Fund events
- Provide resources (snacks, informational packets, etc) at meetings
- Support future events

Fall 2013 dues are due at our member meeting October 30, 2013. 

If you have any questions about membership, please contact us through email.

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