Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 - 2015 Election Results and OPEN executive board positions!

Hello, Everyone!

The election is over! Our NAMI on Campus at TU's 2014 - 2015 Executive Board is:

Sara McKee, Co-President

Karl Mamaduke, Co-President

Sara Secada-Lovio, Secretary

Ryan Muffi, Public Relations Coordinator

Please note we still have two positions open: Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator. If you are interested, please email towsonunami@gmail.com (prospective candidates must be Towson University Graduate Students).

We hope you are enjoying your summer! Stay tuned for updates on Fall member meetings and events. If you would like to receive emails from the Towson University NAMI on Campus listserv, please email towsonunami@gmail.com.

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